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What is DAFAx?

Powered by Digital Art Fair, the leading international art x tech fair dedicated to innovative digital art & NFTs, DAFAx is a brand new Web 3.0 art exchange that features a self-sustaining art ecosystem where artists, collectors, dealers and gallerists from around the world can exhibit, sell and collect NFT fine art.

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of digital asset with blockchain-managed ownership. Unlike currency or stocks, these assets must be traded as a whole entity and not in portions. If you would like to learn more about NFTs, the history of digital art and blockchain technology, stay tuned for our knowledge depository for a concise summary of these topics.

I’m an artist, how can I mint and showcase my work on DAFAx?

Apply through DAFAx artist application forms here, show us your portfolio and our curators will review your application. Successful applicants will be showcased on DAFAx and we will support you in the minting process. If you are an artist interested in joining our community and network, get in touch with us through our various channels.

I’m a gallery, how can I showcase my artists on DAFAx?

We welcome galleries from all over the world to submit their request to be on DAFAx. Once the application is successful, we will provide a detailed walkthrough for onboarding for the Galleries. Part of our ethos is to provide a holistic and educational experience for everyone, as it helps create a healthy Digital Art ecosystem for all.

I’m a curator, how can I feature a curated collection on DAFAx?

Similarly, to Artists and Galleries, Curators play a vital role in the art world as well as on DAFAx. Curators can send in their proposals at any time, and our art selection committee will review these proposals. Drops will be frequent, so check your emails for a reply.

Who is behind DAFAx?

DAFAx is brought to you by Digital Art Fair, Asia’s leading art x tech art fair focusing on digital and NFT Fine Art, immersive experiences and various intersections of Art and Technology. Development support was given by Monegraph, a Marketplace development company. Learn more about Digital Art Fair here, and about Monegraph here.

Who is DAFAx for?

DAFAx is created for anyone who wishes to view and collect digital fine art NFTs. We aim to make it as accessible as possible for all to be a part of this network. Collaborative and community based, we are open to ideas and proposals from all creatives, and part of our ethos is to amplify and elevate the voices of artists and curators. Galleries are also an important part of a healthy ecosystem, so onboarding them onto our platform is important.

What is the difference between DAFAx and Digital Art Fair?

Digital Art Fair is a global in-person art fair and event, and its subsidiary, DAFAx is a curated art exchange that will feature some of the digital art from the event and its own original content.

How do I set up a wallet?

Setting up a wallet is essential to starting your journey into NFTs. We recommend beginning with MetaMask via the Connect Wallet button.

I want an NFT but my cryptocurrency is not the same as the artwork’s blockchain, will this work?

Depending on the NFT’s blockchain, you will have to exchange your coin into its corresponding cryptocurrency. This means that Bitcoin will not work on Ethereum-based NFTs, and it can only be traded with ETH.

Why do I need to make an account with DAFAx?

We understand, through years of expertise in the Art World as well as our panel of advisors who have launched Crypto projects from as early as 2013, that handling cultural objects of value such as NFTs requires an equally robust system in place to ensure protections for all involved. To make an account, you would have to leave your details such as your email, as well as connect a wallet that will be associated with your account.

Can I delete an NFT?

NFTs once minted, cannot be deleted, however, they can be ‘burned’. Burning an NFT simply stops the token from circulation forever by sending it to a null address. This action is irreversible and we advise you to be careful before burning an NFT.